The Production Process:



Select a media type

Write a focus sentence

Activate prior knowledge


Review the meaning

Create a script or storyboard


Adjust / Edit


Create the media from plan

Include appropriate elements

Use the Writing Process if...


Re-edit / Adjust

Present / share



– make adjustments according to feedback (in the production process, the term ‘editing’ refers to any adjustments made.)


bullet How well does your production match your focus sentence?:
bullet Does it cover your topic? - review your plan!
bullet Does the research support the topic?
bullet Is the medium you chose the best suited to your goals?: purpose & audience.
bullet Does your production work well? (could you improve the look, ease of use, colours, etc.)
bullet Is the language appropriate and correct?
bullet How could you improve?
bullet Did you ask for and receive feedback?






In order to ask for and receive feedback,

consider appropriate  ways to share the medium: for example on a wiki, blog, file sharing site, paper...

and also appropriate ways to receive feedback: for example on a wiki, blog, file sharing site, paper...

but also the best way to receive appropriate feedback is to ask questions - such as in the checklist - and using tools such as a Google form survey which you can email or embed on your wiki, blog, site, etc.

The answers will be sent to your Google docs form which you can view as a table or chart!

Here is an example:










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