The Production Process:



Select a media type

Write a focus sentence

Activate prior knowledge


Review the meaning

Create a script or storyboard


Adjust / Edit


Create the media from plan

Include appropriate elements

Use the Writing Process if...


Re-edit / Adjust

Present / share



A storyboard:

a visual plan of the production that includes elements such as the action depicted through a sequence of frames (events) ; the time needed for each frame; media conventions and techniques used in each frame; the written narration and/or dialogue in each frame

bullet Preview a variety of storyboards.
bullet Choose an appropriate storyboard layout.
bullet Map out the story using a frame for each event. (Tools such as PowerPoint will allow you to do this and rearrange and change as you develop the storyboard.)
bullet Include the time of each frame (event).
bullet Include techniques you will include in a frame.
bullet Add the text of what will be said or written in the frame.


Media conventions:
bullet Recognize common structural features found in print and broadcast advertising, movies, music videos and other media.
bullet Identify and explain the use of stereotypes and biases evident in various media.
bullet Compare the effect of particular symbols, colours and images seen in various media.
bullet Analyze the effect of media production techniques, such as music, camera angles, fade-outs, and lighting, on different audiences.
bullet Analyze the messages and points of view employed in different media, including advertising, news programs, web sites and documentaries.
bullet Be aware of video techniques (sequencing, camera angles and movement, scene composition, effects of lighting and sound, and sound quality.



PowerPoint Storyboard download

These free storyboard templates were donated by the Instructional Designers and e-Learning professionals' Group.
  1. 28 Storyboard Templates!!! donated by David Becker - (WORD) - (Update 12/18/2010)
  2. Storyboard Template X donated by Christopher Pappas - (PPP)
  3. Storyboard Template donated by Mike Palmer - (WORD)
  4. Sample Storyboard About Recording Events in FPE donated by Rod Ward - (WORD)
  5. BHPB IronOre Storyboard donated by Rod Ward - (WORD)
  6. BHPB GGP Storyboard Template donated by Rod Ward - (WORD)
  7. DigiTales by Bernajean Porter 
  8. Storyboard Templates and Resources by MinuteBio
  9. Really Fast Storyboarding for E-Learning Projects by Dr. Thomas Welsh (MSWORD document containing storyboard)




Online storyboard tool - Digital difference:



Storyboard images

Storyboard templates

From Karen J Lloyd's Storyboard Blog:

Click here for your free Thumbnail Template

Click here for your free Vertical Storyboard Template

Click here for your free Horizontal Storyboard Template

Celtrx software:

Celtx helps you produce all types of media - film, video, documentary, theatre, novels, machinima, comics, advertising, video games, music video, radio, podcasts, and however else you choose to tell your story.

Shutterfly Storyboard tool



PowerPoint is an excellent storyboarding tool. It's familiar, quick, and the slide sorter view gives a bird's eye overview of the program.

Video inks for schools

  1. Storyboards

Tools and Utilities for Filmakers provides:

Script formatting

  1. !Script Template for Word *
    A nice template for Word. Comprehensive menus and customizable macros. (69K)
  2. Script Maker
    Very simplistic template for Microsoft Word. Macro's make this template extremely easy to use. (53K)
  3. Simply Screenplay
    Once again, something we use periodically. Can be set up to format either screenplays or sitcom formats. (96.6K)

Adobe Acrobat files

These zipped templates are in the .pdf file type.

  1. Editing Log - (24K) *
  2. Field Tape Log - (8K) *
  3. Location Contract - (8K) *
  4. Camera Shot List - (12K) *
  5. Talent Release Form - (4K) *
  6. Call Sheet Template - (36K) *
  7. Location Relase Form - (12K) *
  8. Personal Release Form - (16K) *
  9. Location Scouting Sheet - (32K) *
  10. Production Budgeting Proposal - (20K) *

EXCEL files

These templates are in the .xls file type.

  1. Call Sheet - (7.27K)
  2. Daily Editors Log - (14.4K)
  3. Cast Contact Sheet - (7.27K)
  4. Crew Contact Sheet - (2.53K)
  5. Daily Continuity Log - (19.8K)
  6. Daily Progress Report - (6.22K)
  7. Easy Script Breakdown - (6.99K)
  8. Script Supervisor Notes - (3.48K)
  9. Daily Production Report - (4.82K)
  10. Continuity Synopsis Sheet - (18.1K) *


  1. StoryBoard Tools *
    Windows based program with simplistic, yet effective tools.
    Downloadable in .zip format - (1Mb)
  2. Widescreen
    (16:9) - 15 frames (5K .gif)
  3. Standard Ratio
    (4:3) - 20 frames (7K .gif)
  4. Standard Ratio w/ Overhead Plan
    (4:3) - 8 frames (9K .gif)
  5. Standard Ratio w/ Detailed Angle *
    (4:3) - 4 frames (8K .pdf)
  6. Standard Ratio: Simplistic *
    (4:3) - 9 frames (8K .pdf)

Everything Else
Downloadable in .txt format - (4K)

  1. Sample Performer Release *
    Downloadable in .txt format - (4K)
  2. Sample Script Agreement *
    Downloadable in .txt format - (4K)
  3. Sample Compensation Contract *
    Downloadable in .txt format - (4K)
  4. Camera Journal
    Printable Journal in .gif format - (47.2K)
  5. Equipment List
    Equipment List in Excel format. - (7.09K)Downloadable in .zip format
  6. Film Icons
    Random icons for your desktop. - (38.8K) Downloadable in .zip format
  7. Film Budget
    Detailed Budget in Excel format. - (29.5K)
    Downloadable in .zip format
  8. P.P. Databases
    Databases for your Palm Pilot - (38.0K)
  9. Color Bars
    SMPTE Color Bars for your computer Screen - (6.80K)
  10. Time Code
    Time Code Calculator for Camera number crunching - (247Kb)
  11. Vid Prompt
    Turn your computer screen into a teleprompter. Good program to have - (89.2K)






Digital storytelling resources

Lesson plan: Media Literacy: identify the conventions and techniques used in some familiar media

NewsRoom study guide

Genre and Media Literacy Lessons

Creating Public Images through MuchMusic

Media Awareness Network insight

Deconstructing Media Messages


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