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  Let's Write: Preparing: Inspiration

   an issue, an assigned topic, an interest to share and more...

  • Suggestions:


    1. imagine what if ...
    2. Accidents: natural disasters
    3. Adventure: rough, challenging sports
    4. Animals and nature: animals and their habits
    5. Animals: cats, dogs, domestic and farm animals, pets
    6. Animals: domestic, wild
    7. Anti nuclear and Anti military groups
    8. Art, Attractions, Architecture, Monuments
    9. Artists in our society and their importance
    10. Birthdays and parties: friendly gatherings
    11. Cars: facts, design, models
    12. Celebrations: planning a special event, for special occasions
    13. Collectors' corner
    14. Communicating with others
    15. Computers: Internet
    16. Consumer's rights
    17. Customs from different countries, societies
    18. Detective stories
    19. Detective Work
    20. Environment: ecology, saving the planet
    21. Extra terrestrial phenomena Living in space
    22. Fads, Fashion, Trends
    23. Family life
    24. Fashion: hairstyle, clothes, shopping
    25. Food and eating habits of ...
    26. Food: food categories, eating right, having picnics
    27. Games: cards, chess
    28. Getting acquainted: getting to know a person, who a person is
    29. Health: being in shape, fitness
    30. Heroes: celebrities, famous people an characters
    31. History of making books: story of comic strips
    32. Human rights
    33. Humour: local and international stars
    34. Incredible creatures: monsters
    35. Internet, make arrangements for a trip
    36. Inventions and inventors
    37. Inventions, Gadgets, Products gimmicks, gadgets
    38. Jobs: looking for a job, how to get a job
    39. Knowing famous people and heroes, past and present
    40. Leisure time and Play games alone or with others
    41.  Magic
    42. Media: TV, video, films, TV schedules
    43.  Messages: body language, codes, signs, words
    44. Money: for living and for investing
    45. Movies and entertainment: story of radio, famous stars and groups
    46. Movies: science fiction, suspense, sound, visual effects
    47. Mystery: solving puzzles and enigmas
    48. Native people or First Nations
    49. Natural phenomena and disasters
    50. Planning your future
    51. Pollution
    52. Quality of life in urban and rural communities
    53. Radio, TV and Newspaper reporters
    54. Science: brain teasers
    55. Shopping: teen fads, fashion
    56. Space camp: outer space adventure
    57. Sports: winter sports, the World of sports, the Olympics
    58. Stars and superstars: sports, entertainment
    59. Superstitions: strange things and happenings
    60. Travelling and spectacular expeditions
    61. Travelling at home and abroad
    62. Vacation: planning for summer, looking ahead, saying goodbye to classmates
    63. Violence: (physical and psychological)
    64. Visits: exchanges, correspondence, letters from readers
    65. Week en activities: trips, shopping, social activities
    66. Women in Society
    67. Your personality: know who you are
    68. a review of your personal interests
    69. Choose By format
    70. Writing Topics
    71. Visit a random place in the world using Global Genie to inspire an adventure or just a descriptive text.

      Refer to

    72. your environment: room, home, town, school,...
    73. magazines
    74. newspapers
    75. conduct an interview based on your topic
    76. media - radio, TV, internet
    77. experiences
    78. film - movies and documentaries
    79. music you like
    80. pictures, photos, paintings
    81. dreams you've had
    82. memories of times you enjoyed or didn't
    83. discussion and brainstorming
    84. literature/stories through a response
    85. role playing
    86. Pick 6 random letters and make a sentence out of them (each letter as the first letter of a word). Write a story, paragraph, etc. about them.
    87. Pick a color and think of what emotions it reminds you. Then, write something using that emotion.
    88. Write a summary of a book you read using another character’s point of view.
    89. With a friend, write a poem where each person writes every other word.
    90. Look in the phone book for names, and use those to inspire a story or poem.
    91. Find an article in the newspaper and write from the point of view of someone in that situation.
    92. Write a book, movie, or music review.
    93. Try to remember a situation a friend told you about (such as that they were lost in a city in a foreign country) and apply a character from above into that situation. Figure out what they would do and let the story go from there.
    94. Start a story with this sentence: "Her history teacher, Mrs. Brown, had read the e-mail!"





    The Nine Aspects of Life

    · The adventure of life is to learn.

    · The purpose of life is to grow.

    · The nature of life is to change.

    · The challenge of life is to overcome.

    · The essence of life is to care.

    · The opportunity of life is to serve.

    · The secret of life is to dare.

    · The spice of life is to befriend.

    · The beauty of life is to give.

    ~ William Arthur Ward

    1. After completing a solo camping trip, a woman gets her film developed and discovers that several photos are of her … sleeping. (From 1,001 Prompts)
    2. “That was the moment I wished I could remember what we’d been taught.” (from How to Write Fiction)
    3. “She’s been told.” (from How to Write Fiction)
    4. “When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.” (Samuel Johnson)
    5. A man sneezes painfully. He looks into his handkerchief and finds something that looks like a microchip. (From 1,001 Prompts)
    6. “The place is very well and quiet and the children scream only in a low voice.” (Byron)
    7. (from http://www.dailywritingtips.com/using-writing-bursts-to-generate-ideas-and-enthusiasm/ )

    9. 150 Amazing Writing prompts Pictures

      View more presentations from Kevin Cummins.

      Video resources for inspiration, description, ...

      1. YouTube  One of the most popular video sharing sites
      2. ESL Video  add your own questions to a chosen video.
      4. Student News feed
      5.  PBS NewsHour Online Video Index
      6.    News Hour Online Index 
      7. TeacherTube Videos produced and/or uploaded by educators to be shared with educators
      8. Google Video Note: Google announced on 1/16/09 that it is ending support for Google Video. Old videos will remain but new ones cannot be uploaded.
      9. Yahoo! Video
      10. PhotoBucket Can be remixed with photos
      11. AFI ScreenNation A learning space from the American Film Institute. View instructional videos, browse short videos from others; students can submit their own for critique by experts.
      12. Brain Pop MOVIES
      13. LEARN  offers educationally chosen and supported videos
        Films For Change with NFB
      14.  Read more
        The show ran for the last two years.  You can now watch the episodes on line.
      15. National Geographic Video
      16. PBS Nature Video Database
      17. NASA Space Multimedia
      18. Open Source Music Archive
      19. Movies of Historical Interest
      20. Child Labour - Scholastic Books
      21. Amnesty International
      22. How Stuff Works
      23. Greenpeace Archive Videos
      24. PBS Anniversary Archive Videos
      25. CBC Archives
      26. CBS 48 Hours Archive
      27. The History Channel
      28. American National Photographic Archive
      29. Research_Topic_Ideas
      30. Selecting a Research Topic
    1. Bright ideas suggests ideas for different types of writing for young writers.
    2. Thumb Scribes is a new platform for collaboratively creating poems and short stories.
    3. CanTeach list
    4. 1000 ideas for writing
    5. Creative writing activities
    6. Create Image Books
    7. My Booklets
    8. Create a Flickr Montage
    9. Great Time Line Tool
    10. Create a YouTube Carousel
    11. Interactive presentations
    12. A Picture's worth
    13. Picture phrases
    14. Make Your EFL ESL Yearbook
    15. Personalised flashcards
    16. Animating vocabulary
    17. Exploiting Image Sequences
    18. Image Based Speaking /Writing Activity for IWB
    19. ShutterCal - Commented Photo Calendar
    20. Poetry archive
    21. Ten Creative Writing Ideas





    1. Myths, Folktales and Fairy Tales "rich resource for learning about and writing in these genres"
    2. Haiku is one of the most important form of traditional Japanese poetry.
    3. Discovering - Choosing your subject





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