The Writing Process:

Preparing to Write


Story starters

Choosing the format



Put ideas, feelings. opinions, ... to the page

Leave space to adjust.

Refer to your plan

Discuss your work

Revise meaning and development


Reflect on choices


Use Strategies


Edit language using resources, verify:




sentence structure

language usage 



Choose a medium

Make a polished copy



Let's Write

Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the possibilities offered by the C3 website.


The C3 site hopes

1) to encourage you to develop your own possibilities for self-expression through writing and production activities and provide creative tools to accomplish your personal goals.

2) to enable teachers to support students and provide differentiated possibilities for writing and production. Teachers may refer students to the possibilities on the site, encourage experimentation and the creation of writing and production portfolios as well as using sections of the site for specific remediation.

3) to provide creative resources for teachers to direct/guide students through tasks using the writing and production processes. Teachers may map out a path or paths through the site that will lead the students to accomplished assigned tasks.

Why write? Here is one person's answer.

Here are some explanations of the Writing Process.

A general writing outline
  1. Find an idea or topic.

  2. Formulate a thesis - narrow the topic.

  3. Generate details - facts, examples, and support.

  4. Outline if it seems helpful.

  5. Write your first draft.

  6. Let things rest for a day or two.

  7. Revise - look at the paper from the reader's point of view; reorganize and add explanations where necessary.

  8. Let things rest again.

  9. Revise again.

  10. Type the final draft.

  11. Proofread at least three times - once aloud, once for any errors you habitually make, and once backwards.




  1. Writing with Writers


  1. OneNote and the Writing Process
    or view and download a pdf version

  2. The Writing Process


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